Westman Families of Addicts Incorporated is dedicated to supporting families and friends dealing with a loved one’s drug addiction for a healthier future and community.



We strive to provide supports such as, but not limited to education, harm reduction, advocacy, detox, services and coordination of existing services. We also support families by connecting them with a variety of wellness and therapy services


Our Aim

Our group aims to help families in the Brandon area navigate the resources and mental health services available and with the ultimate goal of bringing a detox and recovery center to Brandon.


Drug Abuse affects us all

Drug abuse is a crisis affecting the entire province, even if there are people who say it doesn’t affect them or their families. As a community we need to put egos aside and all get together for the greater good of our society. Get in touch with us to see how you can help.


Our story

A Community Come Together

Westman Families of Addicts was born out of one Mother’s recognized need for support dealing with the trauma of the addiction crisis within families. What she thought would begin as a small coffee group soon turned into a support group with over 200 families!

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As a not-for-profit organization we look to our community to help us in raising funds to offer more training and education to our members and the public.

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Our Team

Meet our team members

Danielle Lalonde









Lonnie Patterson

Vice President


Andrea Allingham


Leanne Doty

Board Member


Faye MacLachlan

Board Member

Simone Dixon

Board Member


Doreen Loewen

Secretary Treasurer

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