6:30 pm, Tuesday, February 8th Meeting Room – Parkview Seniors Housing Co-Op, 1321 13th Street Please join us for our AGM where we will be electing our Board for the next year. We welcome anyone that would like to help lead our organization to join the Board and help continue our work supporting families in […]

2021 Annual General Meeting

The Westman Families of Addicts 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 pm. Unless public health restrictions change, we will be meeting in-person at the Parkview Seniors Housing Coop meeting space (1321 13th Street, Brandon). The AGM will be followed by the regular monthly board meeting. More details about […]

Improved Access to Naloxone in Manitoba

Currently, naloxone, potentially lifesaving medication in an opioid overdose, is currently listed as a Schedule II drug in Manitoba. This means it does not require a prescription, but it must be distributed out by a health-care provider and only sold in pharmacies. The Manitoba government announced they intend to make legislative changes in order to […]

Brandon’s Addictions Crisis: A Roadmap to Solutions

In December 2019, we started a conversation on Brandon’s Addictions Crisis at a forum. These conversations continued over the following months and resulted in the report, Brandon’s Addictions Crisis: A Roadmap to Solutions. We encourage you to read the report and support our efforts to put in place solutions to this problem.

Annual General Meeting

The Westman Families of Addicts Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30 pm, just before our regular gathering. We will be meeting at the Brandon Boxing Club in their upstairs meeting space.

What is going on in Westman these days?

There has been many changes to legislation these days with the new cannabis legalization; although  no one I have personally spoken to has noted any immediate difference in the community or society as a whole.  Of course, this is only the feedback that has been shared with me.  When I ask someone about drugs the […]

RAAM clinic opening in Brandon, MB

I just had the experience of opening up our new RAAM clinic with the govt and media. I want to share what I said… ironically, right after I went back to work and found a needle in our parking lot (yes I did pick it up and dispose of it) As the parent of a […]

The Real Solution

I know that we as human being have been addicted to something since the first bite of the apple, and maybe it’s time we stop trying to punish addiction, and find ways it does not devastate our communities, drain our resources, and kill our loved ones. Maybe we should find ways to intervene with the […]

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